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Country Codes Domain Names "ccTLDs" & Local Internet Development

In the past 7 years I have been involved in the management of country codes top level domains or what we call “ccTLD”, the 2 letters country codes are based on ISO List 3166 of country codes. I belive ccTLD have a very important role in the development of local internet services and online content .

Effective management of a ccTLD will have a positive impact on the local web hosting services, encouraging users to adopt their countries domain name and produce more online contents which is needed specially in countries non-ASCI language scripts like Arabic and Cyrillic. Fixable registration policies and affordable registration fees is the first issues should be addressed by any registry looking to attract internet users, internet users prefer generic top level domain names because of cheap registration fees and easily process but after internet exposition its not easy now to find a good generic domain .

Among the top 5 Domain names are 3 country domain names, .DE (Germany ccTLD with around 6 million domain names), .UK is second with around 4.5 million domain names and .CN ( the Chinese domain name is fast climbing the domains chart ), in these countries the ccTLD is considered a national asset and the registries have effectively promoted the ccTLD and attracted a huge customer base .

ICT & Education

Information & Communications Technology “ICT” will play a vital role in the education process in the coming years, particularly in the developing countries .

I have been interested for a long time in development of e-Learning platforms and systems and its impact on the learning process. Open Educational Resources “OER” is a remarkable progress toward an open, free, rich content educational material, international recognized academic institutions like MIT have launched their own OER initiatives, MIT courseware intuitive “OCW” was will received around the world, MIT has released all its educational materials (courses structures, lecture notes, tutorials,...ect) free online .

From 2005 to 2007 I was actively participating in the project of Teachers Education for Sub-Sahara Africa “TESSA – TESSA web site “. This is a scientific research project conducted by the British Open University “OU with the participation of 9 African states among them Sudan, South Africa, Uganada, Kenya, Tanzania, Ganha and Nigeria. The project goal is to develop Open Education Resources “OER” for teachers training in 5 Languages ( Arabic, English, Xhosa, Swahili and French ) for teachers in basic and secondary level, the produced resources will be available in printed format and online version will be available in TESSA portal .

Another field of my interested is the use of portable devices in the education process, laptops and other smart devices “PDA” could enrich the learning experience specially for the children . I did contribute in the preparation for the Digital Enhancement Education Project “DEEP”, DEPP is a unique research project with the objective to study the impact of using portable devices in schools in rural areas developing countries, the project will  use new specially designed portable units that will resist the rough use and environment conditions in rural areas ..


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